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  • [] 2020 Comes to a Close

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    Winter ZoeWow, what a year! Thank god we are almost through it! We can all agree that 2020 sucked lemons and it's time to move on!

    I want to thank everyone for continuing to support me through this difficult year. A lot of small businesses have suffered and floundered and I appreciate that you all stuck with me and allowed me to continue this Sluggy Freelance thing here! Defenders, word-spreaders, Sluggy shoppers, it all helps. So thank you!!!

    Being creative was extremely challenging this year to say the least. As much as I loved having my wife and kids home and safe, it made it harder for me to work (I really need an empty house to create). So developing story lines and scripting comics became more of a struggle than ever before. On top of that, I had major computer issues, like my fairly new laptop deciding it did not have a hard drive anymore, thanks 2020. While I tried to use an older computer to accomplish my tasks, it was even more frustrating because it could not do what I needed it to do and I struggled with that too. I appreciate your patience with me. And I *did* succeed in publishing Sluggy Freelance Book 21 and getting so many of them into your hands despite technical issues. It's been a mental struggle too, I think we can all relate to that. I'm hoping to find a better brain in my stocking. Yep, I'm kinda over-visualizing that metaphor too. :)

    I wish everyone a super Happy Holidays, belated and otherwise, and a Happy and Healthy New Year! Come on 2021!

  • [] Catching up on Pawnz at the end of 2020!

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    Sorry to fall so far behind but I'm finally caught up! The Pawnz and Bookmarks for October and November will be mailed out and digitally released in January! December and January pawnz and bookmarks will hopefully go out in February and I'll be all caught up AT LAST! For October we have Shika "Noogy" Nogeyama in her casual attire seen in these two comics. The next bunch of pawnz will be focused on the upcoming Sluggy Freelance Book 22 to be called "The Research and Development Wars"! We start with Clyde & Blinky in their R&D Wars Crushestro inc. versions! And I can think of no better way to ring in a much-improved 2021 than one of my personal favorites, 'Slaw'Teresa!!!
    Upcoming Pawnz

  • [] BOOK 21 HAS ARRIVED! The "Mailing of Things" is to resume next week!

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    I HAVE BOOK 21 IN HAND! I'm positively thrilled with the nearly 300 page epic Sluggy Freelance book that needs to be in your collection! Huge thanks to the staff at Ka-Blam for taking care of me through some Himalayan-sized bumps in the road!

    IMPORTANT: If you are a Defender 20+ level 4 or higher (and been so for three months or more) you're getting a Book 21 sent to you free! We will begin sending these books on Monday September 28th so make sure your mailing address is accurate!
    Photo of Book 21


    For the next few weeks we will be getting the free copies out to the eligible Defenders. Once that is under control we'll announce a Store Opening date. Probably early to mid October. And a short time after that we'll make it available at Indy Planet.

    Also I'll be sending out the Pawnz and Bookmarks I've owed some of you Defenders since February. If you're getting a free book too, I'll just throw the bookmarks and pawz-postcards in the same envelope. If for any reason you've 'opted out' of mailed swag in the past, you'll STILL receive the book. AND IN ALL CASES THANKS SO MUCH FOR BEING A DEFENDER 20+!

    August and September Pawnz will be sent in October.
    August Pawnz
    September Pawnz
    International Mailings: If you're outside the United Sates I'm not sure how dependable international mail is moving at the moment. It might be fine, but I need to do some legwork first. I may email you directly if I suspect an issue or to give you a tracking number. I do not want to send you things that never reach you. Because logic. ;)

  • [] Comics are BACK

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    Hey guys! After careful consideration I’ve decided to resume strips. I’m going for one a week. Three reasons for this:

    1) I am well on my way to finishing the book, but because of the sheer size and scope of the book and the UNPRECEDENTED 15-16 page bonus story, it requires more time than I’m willing to have you all wait. This book may be the one of my proudest achievements.  It’s been a back-crushing anxiety-driving labor of love, but I can finally see the finish line! It’s going to be so worth it when we all have it in our hands!

    2) You guys have been waiting weeks and I don’t want you to disengage any further from what will ultimately be a very meaningful story.

    3) There's rarely been a week without Sluggy Freelance comics EVAR. I’d hate to break precedent and have a month without strips. It feels like letting the pandemic win a little. Screw you, coronavirus!

    So for those reasons I’m switching from 'no comics' to 'one comic a week'. The next two comics should land on July 22nd and July 29th!

    As far as the book being off to the printers, I think It’ll be by the end of July, or not far past that!

  • [+] Pawnz & Bookmarks & Opting Out of Receiving Pawnz & Bookmarks!

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  • [+] Stupid Light Switch

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  • [] The Light Switch!

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    I hadn’t been sleeping for a couple of weeks. Maybe 3-5 hours a night? And my usual power-naps that I could always rely on for a nice hour midday had just stopped working. Then, as inexplicably as it started, it stopped. My naps worked, I got 8 hours some nights, and I was like, “Wow, THIS is what it’s like to not be exhausted all the time! I remember this!”

    The thing was, I didn’t realize during it how exhausted I was. I was functioning at 40% thinking I was at 80%. Now, it’s like a light-switch flipped on. My reality is completely one thing. Oh, now my reality is completely another thing.

    So (as blog-post reading defenders already know) I’m normally not able to write in a house full of people. I used to have an empty house half the day and ability to go off to a hotel in writing emergency situations. No more of that. I’d been coasting on Anima scripts I had done in 2019. Chapter 73 was a blank sheet of paper, and try-after-try I couldn’t fill it. I knew what I wanted to do with Chapter 73, but it was ambitious and required focus I could NOT achieves. I was seriously concerned there’d be no knew scripts, and thus no new comics at all in June.

    So my family worked with me to create the best environment possible for me to avoid distractions and interruptions and gain focus. No guarantee it would work, but our best shot. And then after 48 hours the light flipped on. I went from a reality where Chapter 73 was a blank sheet of paper to I GOT SCRIPTS! Not just any scripts, ones for that ambitious story I wanted to tell!

    The blank sheet is no longer blank. The road map is drawn from start of journey to destination. I WILL have to work out some kinks along the way. Like, if I have writers block or script issues and delays, it’s in hammering out the specifics, which is still hard to do in a house full of people. BUT I HAVE THE GENERAL PLAN ROCK-SOLID! I love that light switch in the on position. Chapter 73, The Immortal King, begins Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020. 6/2 UPDATE: Due to unforeseen delays Chapter 73, The Immortal King, begins Friday, June 5th, 2020.

  • [+] Pawnz and Bookmarks through May2020

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  • [+] This One's Difficult.

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  • [+] February 9th Update

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  • [+] Happy Holidays 2019!

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  • [+] Sluggy Store is Closed for the Holidays

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  • [+] The Sluggy Store will open Monday at noon, Eastern Time!

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  • [+] Book 20, the Store and YOU!

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  • [+] Pawnz and Bookmarks through January 2020, and it's all 4U City!

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  • [+] State of the 2019 August Sluggy!

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