Pete's February 2022 Check In!

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Hey all! Most of you long time readers have probably noticed two (or more) themes with me.
    1) I'm always falling behind on everything besides the comic (and sometimes the comic itself)...
    2) I always assume a story is going to move faster than it does.
In both cases I "get there" eventually. So what do these two factors have to do with February 2022?

1) Behind on things:
AUCTIONS: The big "catch-up" original art auction I planed for early January has been bumped to mid February. That's easy enough. the second one is harder.
PAWNZ POSTCARD AND BOOKMARKS: The printer I've used from the beginning for all the printed Pawnz Postcards and bookmarks have failed to complete the big order I placed in November. Uncharacteristically they are pretending it didn't happen. I have hope I can get them to finish the job because they've been aces up until this point. I may need to find a new printer. In any case this situation is costing me time and putting me further behind. Nevertheless but I will mail out every one of these postcards and bookmarks out no matter how many of them stack up. BTW the Pawnz for January is Farahn himself, and February will be the Wizard Yffi. At least I have the art for Farahn ready to show!

2022-01 pawnz promo

2) "The Immortal King" story is not moving fast enough for me:
I've mentioned it before, but I feel like I've been spending too much time with Farahn. I thought it'd be easy to move the 'Roomies Part Two' story quickly by now, focusing on the few intersection points with Gwynn and the gang. The good news (at least for me) is I just need a few strips more. But that's still going to take most of February, because of the February Book-Focus!

February Book-Focus!
See the previous news story for details but basically February I'm only going to run one comic a week so I can spend the rest of the time getting the next Sluggy Freelance book under control, and getting the reprint of Megatome 02 ready! Also hopefully the big original art auction I mentioned.

The Future: Once 'Roomies Part Two' wraps (in February I hope!) I have one more little side flashback story to tell, and then it's on with the gang and the main event. What form that will take I can't even suggest, because this is a big story, maybe the biggest, and I've gotta "check my notes" big-time at every step!

As always I appreciate you all sticking with me even when I fall behind and/or the narrative slows down. As always I'll do my best! Here's to Book 22 getting back underway!



    • Sigma_100

      <3 Pete!

      I'm really actually enjoying going through all the major Book-related events throughout Sluggy's history but from Farahn's perspective. Can't argue with the idea that it's slow-going when you specifically bring it up, but hey, Sluggy's been going for so long, and I've been checking it religiously daily for so much of that time, that it sort of feels timeless, so from my perspective at least it certainly doesn't feel like a slog.