Finally Making Headway!

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I'm finally making headway!!! It's been a tough year-plus, trying so hard to keep on top of the pile and falling behind at every turn. But I'm finally finding my way out of the woods!
Sluggy Store
storeGood News: The Sluggy Store will finally open again on November 11th (roughly noon eastern time). Born of Nifty's (Megatome 1, containing books 1-3), Dangerous Days' (Book 9) in soft and hardcover, and plush beanie Bun-buns galore for all who want 'em!
Bad News: There is nothing new in the store, and almost no supplies of the other books (other books are available from IndyPlanet). I was hoping to get Megatome 02* back in print, and it's almost ready to go, but won't be ready in time. So there are a handful of other books (like Book 13 and Book 19) and a couple of shirt designs with limited shirt options. BUT Getting the Store open in in of itself is a victory to my soul.
*Side note: I do have some Megatome02s in hardcover left!

Sluggy Freelance Original Art Auctions are BACK! The last auction was two years ago (November 2019) and it looks like there's been some changes to Ebay. I've started slow with just three pieces. This is kinda a test run to make sure everything runs smoothly.

IF IT DOES: Then I'll run a bunch of them starting the week of November 15th. These auction sets will contain
1) original art from where we left off with Anima.
2) original art from the start of Immortal King.
3) recent Immortal King comic art.
REMINDER: Even though there will be nothing new in the Sluggy Store, the auctions allow an opportunity for you to own a unique piece of Sluggy history. That's pretty nifty.

I've been way behind on announcing Pawnz (& Bookmarks) of the Month and way behind on distributing them too! But I have a plan. When my house is full of beloved holiday guests for weeks on end unintentionally interrupting my workflow, I'm going to make them stuff envelopes (which I'll mail out in early January). So by then I'll be all caught up! And here are the Pawnz I was behind on announcing, all Immortal King Themed! I'll update this news image when I finish with the bookmark designs and such!


In conclusion
I lost a lot of files from a November 2020 computer crash and still haven't dealt with that even though it was a year ago and files need to be recreated for future books. Book 22 is barely laid out. I owe a lot of people a lot of emails and a few people some artwork. it's been continuously weighing on me. But getting the store open, auctions running, and catching up on Pawnz is lifting my spirits in a significant way! It means a lot. As do you all to me. So instead of doing my usual "Onward and Sideways", I'm going to say, just this once (lest it become a trend), Onward and Upward!