SICK UPDATE: I thought I had a cold or something. Constantly shifting symptoms, expecting to be getting better but getting worse... turns out I'VE GOT THE FLU! IN AUGUST! I know, weird, right? But I'll try to struggle through and get the Wednesday and Friday comics in on time and see what next week holds. Flu sucks.

We are in M/W/F Mode!
New comics on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays!

We'll go back to 5 comics a week starting September 8th!

Comic for 09/01/14

The Monday comic is here! Almost a full day late but it’s here! New comic on Wednesday! Apologies for the scribbly art, I’m currently working under an influenza coma.

Chapter 66: The Road to Bjorkea - Toasted Marshmallows

Intervention 5 Sluggy Spoilers

OK so the comics for Wednesday (August 27th) and Friday (August 29th) were totally spoiled for the Intervention attendees of the Sluggy Freelance panel last weekend.

Before leaving for Intervention I trashed my scripts for Wednesday on, because of “a reason” (have to remain cryptic here). I was so sure I would not use those scripts that I felt comfortable ‘spoiling’ them.

And of course Murphy’s Law steps in and makes me go with the original scripts (with admittedly slight alterations).

Let me say to those Sluggites in the audience I ‘found a way’ around ‘the reason’, and we’ll leave it at that.

Actually, when I’m feeling better (currently sick) I’ll do a Defenders Blog on the length and breadth of the spoilers along with the scan I doodled during the ‘get oFf My Lawn’ panel and was going to use as Wednesday Filler if I didn’t come up with anything.

Also soon more news about how Leah did at Intervention. Spoilers- It was awesome for her. I think she floated a foot off the ground for much of it.

Mohkadun Ends, and the End Begins!

Mohkadun is the longest Sluggy Freelance story ever told and I am durn tired. The last Mohkadun comic should be June 20th, followed by three short (hopefully) epilogues. As I’ve stated before, this story is the foundation for the end of the comic, but we still have a while to go and I am taking a break!

As previously stated, I’m planning on doing something like a “Safehouse 2” storyline, where I keep the comics light and short. AND I’m also planning on only update Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, for about two months (around the strip anniversary)
In these months I hope to accomplish the following:
    -Manage all the family trips planned without random fillers or vacations weeks
    -Recharge my brain
    -Maybe get those Ocean Unmoving books finally underway so they’ll be available by the holidays!
    -Maybe fix all those typos I’ve racked up lately! Sheesh!

In any case, here’s to a great summer for all of us! Cheers!

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