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Comic for 08/01/14

Chapter 66: The Road to Bjorkea - Zorg Might Never Exist

Intervention5 is almost here! + Leah!

Intervention5 is almost here!
 August 22-24, 2014
Hilton Washington DC/Rockville
1750 Rockville Pike, Rockville, Maryland 20852

You guys know I'm at Intervention every year. We always have a blast there. This one's special though. My daughter Leah will be joining me at the table helping me run things and trying her hand at selling a sketch or two! Or something. haven't worked everything/anything out yet. The important thing is we'd both love it if you could come by and say hi. All you sluggites know Leah will do great (and terrible) things in the future! Who knows how much value (or terror) a piece of her artwork will be worth down the line?

So, Leah tries running a con booth in late August, and starts High School in early September. Which will be crazier? We shall see...

Mohkadun Ends, and the End Begins!

Mohkadun is the longest Sluggy Freelance story ever told and I am durn tired. The last Mohkadun comic should be June 20th, followed by three short (hopefully) epilogues. As I’ve stated before, this story is the foundation for the end of the comic, but we still have a while to go and I am taking a break!

As previously stated, I’m planning on doing something like a “Safehouse 2” storyline, where I keep the comics light and short. AND I’m also planning on only update Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, for about two months (around the strip anniversary)
In these months I hope to accomplish the following:
    -Manage all the family trips planned without random fillers or vacations weeks
    -Recharge my brain
    -Maybe get those Ocean Unmoving books finally underway so they’ll be available by the holidays!
    -Maybe fix all those typos I’ve racked up lately! Sheesh!

In any case, here’s to a great summer for all of us! Cheers!

Pulp City Grimmbun-bun wants YOU, Nerd-boy!

Grimmbun-bunMost of you probably remember the kickstarter for Pulp City I promoted a while back! It's a Super-heroes small skirmish tabletop game with old school metal miniatures! We made the stretchgoal for the stretchgoal where a "Grimm in a Bun-bun suit" is yours for free (along with other Grimms and more stuff) if you pledged at Supreme level or higher.

I just got the OK to reveal the Grimmbun-bun artwork created by Melvin de Voor and it's so cool! I can't wait to see the sculpt with all the nerd-skulls!

I also got the news that you guys can still join in even though the kickstarter is over, but you have to do it soon, the pledge manager for this locks in a month!

If your interested, drop them a line at Kickstarter@Pulpmonsters and you can be added to their pledge manager.
You can read all about the kickstarter here: Pulp City Kickstarter.
You can see the sculpt progress here: Pulp City Updates.
Their main site is here: pulp-city.com

The Final Stretch and Road Forward

The Final Stretch - Mohkadun:
It has been a long long LOOOONG road to Mohkdaun, but we’re finally reaching the end. We’ve learned so much of Bun-bun’s potential past, Riff’s ancestors (immediate and distant), a few character last names, the ‘Torg and Zoë hook-up’ and more! And all centered on Gwynn. When all is said and done it hopefully will answer more questions than it raises but knowing me, probably not. More importantly it provides the foundation of this final part of the Sluggy Freelance story. And after Mohkadun is done I will be freed up to step away from the drama for at least a little while. That is the current plan*.
* “the current plan” is defined as what I intend to do despite probably doing something completely different.

The Road Forward - Summer Vacation:
This summer is incidentally filled with trips, houseguests, and vacations (PLUS INTERVENTION (internet+convention)! AUGUST 22-24 ROCKVILLE! COME JOIN US!) that the comic might suffer from too many vacation weeks, and/or random fillers. Plus Mohkadun has been leaving me feeling creatively exhausted. So my current plan* is, once Mohkadun is complete, to go to “3-days a week M/W/F” mode for the majority of the summer. I’m hoping it’ll allow me time to get my act together and maybe even finally start work on the Oceans Unmoving series of books so they’ll be ready for Christmas.
* “the current plan” is defined as what I intend to do despite probably doing something completely different.

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