Hey everybody! HEAD'S-UP: Next week might have to be some kind of filler-week! If I don't get the bonus story for Book 15 under control there will be no new book for the Holidays and I'm still so many years behind on books. I don't *WANT* to do it, but my hopes of magically finding additional time is not working out!

Comic for 10/08/15

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Chapter 67: Full House - Wild Card

Pulp City and Impudent Mortal!

In an exciting epic battle at Smiley's Chemicals between the Ape Revolution Committee and the heroic forces of Heavy Metal, A.R.C. narrowly prevailed. The pivitol moment of the battle occurred when Dr. Mercury knocked the mighty Apebot away from his creator, the nimble tiny spider-monkey named Virus. Dr. Mercury then proceeded to smash the unprotected Virus into a paste with a car. Apebot charged, lifting the car off his beloved master and throwing it right in Dr. Mercury's liquid-metal face. Dr. Mercury beat a hasty retreat with almost no life in him... only to be gunned down by Howlers 'Gun Bravado' strafe from the Chemical building's roof. In the end, Dr. Mercury gasped and collapsed into a liquid metal puddle. A puddle, same as virus, but of a slightly different color.

OK so that happened last week! And here are some pictures of Pulp City Supremes I recently finished painting, as well as the Impudent Mortal 'Smiley's Chemicals' building! (I thougnt the bright sun would make the pictures come out great! Whoops! That's why I draw pictures instead of do photography! ;) 

Pulp City

Anywho I'm totally using that as an excuse to give you guys an unsolicited head's up! The Pulp City COLD WAR Kickstarter arrives in a couple of weeks, and Impudent Mortal's current Kickstarter wraps in a couple of days!

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