SampleAuction SampleHey everybody! Yesterday's headlines were just to big so I moved them to the news so:

Auction Update: The last 4 peices of original Sluggy Freelance art go up today (Tuesdat the 21st) mid day. Leah's working on one more piece and will probably appear late today.

CONTRA-26 November 7th -9th Kansas City-ish!

Comic for 10/21/14

Chapter 66: The Road to Bjorkea - *The Harassers Part 1*

Emergency Book Work Triggers Emergency Stick Figures!

Hey! Sorry to spring this Stick Figure Filler story on you guys without warning but here's the deal. I leave for Contra-26 in less than 3 weeks. If Book 14, with required bonus content, is not ready to go before then there will be no new merchandise for the upcoming holiday season. This could be very bad for the future of the strip. So please be patient with me as I attempt to get way too much done, and probably fail at it.

Speaking of multitasking: Original Art Auctions have ALREADY STARTED!  Including the promised art by my daughter Leah! (She's got two pieces ready to go for auction. She's hoping on a third but she may run out of time.) Here's a further explanation on Leah: As many of you know Leah has been filing in for me over the years. A couple of months ago she worked her first con, and was very successful at commissions. I promised you guys who couldn't attend the convention a shot at some of her artwork (before she become, like, world-famous and stuff). Unfortunately having just started high school she cannot produce as many pieces as she'd like for the auction. But there will be 2 or 3!

Auction SampleSampleHere's the current Art Auctions Plan: I put up three pieces on Sunday night. Two of mine, and an original by Leah. The rest should be up some time during the day on Monday (the 20th) and maybe a few spill-over pieces on Tuesday. I don't know how many pieces I'll be auctioning just yet. Too confused in the midst of multitasking.
Here's the current Stick Figure Plan: The Harassers Part 1 will run for two weeks, and I'll wrap up Harassers Part 2 with one or two weeks over the holiday vacation. That way you'll get your complete epic stick-story in a timely fashion AND the stick-haters won't O.D.!
Peace! Out!

Book 14 IS COMING!

BOOOOOOK! Watch as Pete races to complete book 14 in time and fails!

So there I was, after a VERY busy summer, feeling like it's around mid August BUT ACTUALLY IT'S OCTOBER?!?
And then I went "Wait a minute? If I don't get a book out by Christmas (and get the store open) I'm going to make no Christmas Sales!" This is what's known in the business as CERTAIN DOOM! I thought I had more time! It's tough managing this empire solo sometimes! The sad thing is it may already be too late! But I'm putting every ounce of energy I have now into the project.

The bonus Story is going to be the reason I fail to make my Christmas Deadline! 
The book is 100% laid out and some of the static pages have been created. Lots of proofing, some graphic corrections, and cover design ahead. No prob. The big problem is the bonus content. Every book needs it (I've done research/polling) and I actually quite enjoy  it. It was cool to reveal some truths about Gwynn and the Book of E-ville in book 10 while getting to write for a pre-Redemption Extra-goofy Torg! It was awesome to reveal Bashopmy's post-war situation as a bonus story for book 11. And this book, Book 14 covers Oceans Unmoving, 28 Geeks Later, iSophagus and more! So many bonus content options!!!
And I have to plan ahead as Book 15 is going to be almost entirely Oceans Unmoving II, so you know that 's gotta have great bonus content! And these book (14 and 15) are going to be the biggest non-megatome books yet!
So when everything else is nailed down and I know what my bonus content for Book 14 will be then we'll know if I can make final-deadline! EMERGENCY FILLER MAY BE REQUIRED! At that point we'll either go back to m/w/f/ for a week or two or I'm doing a stickfigure week. Anywho that's on the horizon. Oh, and I've got a title, based on the nefarious actions in the book from Creepy Cloner Geeks to Riff's babysitting practices to, the, um, pirates.... SKULLDUGGERY!

Book14 Titlepage


I'm Back, Yo!

I'M BACK! After a couple months of 3 days a week it's nice to go back to 5. But I must admit it was nice having the midnight deadline off my back 4 nights out of 7. I didn't get as much done as I would have liked, but I did manage to maintain the schedule despite multiple trips, a convention and a bedridden-for-a-week flu.

Contra 26dcon2002A couple of things. First off: Contra-26.  November 7th -9th in the Kansas City area! "a Sci-fi/Fantasy-themed relaxacon for those 21 and up: Minimal programming with maximum enjoyment!" And Jason Carter will be there! I haven't been on stage with him (and the late Richard Biggs) since the Dragon*Con 'Whose Line is It' in 2002. Joe Sunday made me into a little teapot, short and stout. I have yet to get my revenge on Joe Sunday. Thanks to my buddy Jeff Darlington for keeping the memories alive!

Next up: We're back from INTERVENTION5!

Bunnies Vietnam MemorialLeah had such a tremendous time there I think she was floating off the ground about a foot for a day or two. She got a lot of commissions and just enjoyed selling her sharpie bunnies for a quarter (I swear the cheap bunnies were a gateway drug that lead to over half her commissions!). And it was totally her idea. I set up my chunk of the table and was off for my first panel as the dealer room opened. I came back to her having a nice setup complete with signage. *sniff* proud papa. She even did a podcast interview, I'll have to find a link to that when it's out (not yet). We stuck around after the con for a few days and toured DC. Long past due, THANKS m/w/f mode!

Now I promised all you guys that we'd do an auction for some of Leah's art since it's unfair so many of you couldn't attend Intervention 5, but it might be a week or two. She's started High School and needs to complete some art for the auction.

Lastly, if you missed it, I'm BACK! Lets get these marshmallows toasted!

Intervention 5 Sluggy Spoilers

OK so the comics for Wednesday (August 27th) and Friday (August 29th) were totally spoiled for the Intervention attendees of the Sluggy Freelance panel last weekend.

Before leaving for Intervention I trashed my scripts for Wednesday on, because of “a reason” (have to remain cryptic here). I was so sure I would not use those scripts that I felt comfortable ‘spoiling’ them.

And of course Murphy’s Law steps in and makes me go with the original scripts (with admittedly slight alterations).

Let me say to those Sluggites in the audience I ‘found a way’ around ‘the reason’, and we’ll leave it at that.

Actually, when I’m feeling better (currently sick) I’ll do a Defenders Blog on the length and breadth of the spoilers along with the scan I doodled during the ‘get oFf My Lawn’ panel and was going to use as Wednesday Filler if I didn’t come up with anything.

Also soon more news about how Leah did at Intervention. Spoilers- It was awesome for her. I think she floated a foot off the ground for much of it.

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