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Comic for 11/25/14

Chapter 66: The Road to Bjorkea - The Vault

Mea Culpa and The Intervention5 Spoilers

Torg Suuuucks! But I'm ok.Mea Culpa and The Intervention5 Spoilers: The Evolution of "the Road to  Björkea"
So, as you guys know from previous news stories My plan was to take it easy with "The Road to Björkea", making it a kind of SafeHouse 2. A simple self-contained story. My concept? Put Torg and Gwynn on a road-trip to the secret Björkea-base to pickup the rest of the gang. Along the way they magically get stranded in the woods. In Europe. Really REALLY stranded. That was all I had. I normally flesh out my stories more before I begin but as I said, I thought I was doing this story Safehouse-style, thus liscense to "wing it".

So then a few weeks later I'm doing my usual Q&A at the Intervention-Con (Intervention5) and I decide to share a mistake I almost made. In the scripts for comics I hadn't completed yet, I had Torg set the book of E-ville on fire to keep warm and toast marshmallows. I told the audience that it was a funny gag, but I realize after Mohkadun, so much more is known about the driving entities in the Book, basically it seemed to me Torg would have to pay ramifications for such an egregious act against the book. And I wanted to keep this story light and unplotty. So I told the audience that would not happen.

...aaaand a few days later Torg sets the book on fire.

What changed? Basically I found myself chomping at the bit to make this adventure into a STORY-story. The plot, the rage-husks, the connection of Orsintos Labs and the connection to the origins of [noun omitted because 'Spoilers'] all became easily woven into the woods while Gwynn and Torg were still able to drive each other nuts.

And then I think events in my life of varying sort foreced me to move the story ahead without elbow-room to script properly. This might just be my opinion, but I think the story has become slow, convoluted and weak. I aims ta fix that. So I guess I'm saying give me a couple of days to script properly and I think I can pick up the pace of this story quite a bit!


OK so I had a sinking suspicion that I wasn't going to be able to get Book 14 done on time. I was coming up wiht nothing for bonus content. But mid last week I had a breakthrough, and finally had all I needed to get Book 14 done! So now it's not nebulous creativity holding me back, it's simply a race against the clock. A week ago I was pretty sure I was going to have another full-fail holiday situation, but now I think I can make it!  Here's what my gut's telling me:

Book 14 Orderable from IndyPlanet** and in your hands before Christmas (domestic orders): I got this!
Book 14 Orderable from IndyPlanet** and in your hands before Christmas (international orders): most assuredly!
Book 14 Signed and Doodled In Defenders Addition*
in your hands before Christmas (domestic orders): it's very possible!
Book 14 Signed and Doodled In Defenders Addition* in your hands before Christmas (international orders): It's unlikely. But  not too far after Christmas!
** I don't know what IndyPlanet's holiday order cut-off date is but they should have the files in hand in plenty of time
*As you Defenders know I offer up between 50 and 100 books with custom doodles as Defenders Exclusives. They sell out fast and I can't possibly meet the demand so becoming a Defender now doesn't guarantee a copy. Just an important FYI, I REALLY hate to disappoint Defenders.

All in all I'm in a LOT better place than I thought I'd be. So why did I mention "Certain Doom?"

Here's the Certain Doom:
To get this book where it needs to be I'm burning the candle at both ends while running stick-figures. Shortly after they end (this week) I have to send the book files to IndyPlanet and then hop on a plane to Contra-26. I'm going to be drained and away from my office and equipment as I ramp back up to "The Road to Björkea" storyline which has already suffered a major rhythm delay I just have no earthly idea how I'm going to pull all this off.
Watch me implode! It'll be neat!

Book 14 IS COMING!

BOOOOOOK! Watch as Pete races to complete book 14 in time and fails!

So there I was, after a VERY busy summer, feeling like it's around mid August BUT ACTUALLY IT'S OCTOBER?!?
And then I went "Wait a minute? If I don't get a book out by Christmas (and get the store open) I'm going to make no Christmas Sales!" This is what's known in the business as CERTAIN DOOM! I thought I had more time! It's tough managing this empire solo sometimes! The sad thing is it may already be too late! But I'm putting every ounce of energy I have now into the project.

The bonus Story is going to be the reason I fail to make my Christmas Deadline! 
The book is 100% laid out and some of the static pages have been created. Lots of proofing, some graphic corrections, and cover design ahead. No prob. The big problem is the bonus content. Every book needs it (I've done research/polling) and I actually quite enjoy  it. It was cool to reveal some truths about Gwynn and the Book of E-ville in book 10 while getting to write for a pre-Redemption Extra-goofy Torg! It was awesome to reveal Bashopmy's post-war situation as a bonus story for book 11. And this book, Book 14 covers Oceans Unmoving, 28 Geeks Later, iSophagus and more! So many bonus content options!!!
And I have to plan ahead as Book 15 is going to be almost entirely Oceans Unmoving II, so you know that 's gotta have great bonus content! And these book (14 and 15) are going to be the biggest non-megatome books yet!
So when everything else is nailed down and I know what my bonus content for Book 14 will be then we'll know if I can make final-deadline! EMERGENCY FILLER MAY BE REQUIRED! At that point we'll either go back to m/w/f/ for a week or two or I'm doing a stickfigure week. Anywho that's on the horizon. Oh, and I've got a title, based on the nefarious actions in the book from Creepy Cloner Geeks to Riff's babysitting practices to, the, um, pirates.... SKULLDUGGERY!

Book14 Titlepage


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