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Comic for 05/26/16

So I put Aylee in a Sia wig because it made my wife laugh (and it covers her face). I'm not sure exactly how much of my audience can readily identify a Sia wig (maybe a lot? maybe a few?) but now I'm disturbed by how much Aylee looks like Agent N'aaaw. Thus Sia looks like Agent N'aaaw. I'm gonna have to think on that...

balthazar, I totally gave Gwynn rhinestone "beauty marks".

Chapter 69: Six Months Later... - The Crappers

The Circle of Confusion Q&A

The Circle of Confusion: OK now that "The Circle" is complete, I noticed a lot of reactions in the forums over the course of the story expressing confusion at actions and motivations. They all make sense to me (of course) but I feel like I was clumsy in delivery at points. So I'm currently doing a Defenders "The Circle" Q&A. After I get all the questions in I'll answer them and then make the Q&A public. So if you have a favorite Defender of the Nifty and have a specific question, give that Defender a head's-up (and a hug and some candy).

It's Retcon Monday!

It's Retcon Monday! Three of the comics you know and love have changed!
(But actually nothing has changed story-fact wise.)

RetconFirst up, the confusing strip of 4/6/2016:

Here's what I wrote the next day beneath the comic:

In case I lost you with toady's and yesterday's comic...

So the gang is making their escape from the Warehouse. As we know, Hereti-Corp has a satellite trained on their location and Schlock wants to know exactly what's going on.

When last we saw Squishydodo he was out in the field making another van "disappear". So Torg called him in to help them "disappear" as well (Operation Left Sock, because we all know Left Socks vanish from he dryer all the time. But only the left socks.). The gang abandoned the HC van "under the tunnel," changed their appearance, and headed off in different directions to throw any observers off the scent (vamps or hereti-corp). Then if all looked clear they'd rendezvous back at the home base beneath the Equinox Casino.

I thought I could communicate this quickly while showing Torg's emotional state and shore it all up in two comics. I appear to have confused everybody I the processes, and in this case I'm not sure how to fix it. I'll think of something. But for now you know.

I realized it's mostly confusing because of breaking the strip after two panels. I really should have ran it together with the next day's strip but there wasn't time to make deadline.
Anywho LadyBlanc suggested on the reactions forums to add a caption stating "Five hours and one split-up later...", and it's perfect. So adding the caption is exactly what I've done. Thanks LadyBlanc!


Speaking of 'making deadline', Let me fix that ugly thing with Thursday's strip (4/21/2016):
With the current story (The One Atop the Pyramid) I felt I needed to show the Strakoistrat (the ruling Strakoi council of elders) observing Urja's crime. BUT I had no time to actually define the appearance and style of the Strakoistrat, and hated having to crowbar it in there.  After taking some time to actually design, I fell in love with the "Plague Doctor/Magician + Romanian Touches." MUCH better than the "Wizard Vampires in Robes on Thrones" concept. Much truer to Dr. Vistuvius too! This change in art also nallowed some tidying up of that one caption too. So yeah, retconned and vastly improved (to me at least)!


Lastly, let's fix the comic for last Monday (4/18/2016):
I added an "own" to Bun-bun's assessment, like Reactions Forums garyfritz recommended, to clear up that sentence there. Yeah, a typo, not a retcon, but *shrug*! Thanks, garyfritz! 


Let me lastly-lastly add this:
Checking the reactions to 4/22/2016 regarding my comment indicating Vrykolakas NOT being able to fly, looks like a retcon-ish discussion is in order! But I'm out of time for today!


Sluggy Freelance 20th Anniversary marks the webcomic Series Finale!-Ish!

Sluggy Freelance 20th Anniversary marks the webcomic Series Finale!-Ish!
that's not quite accurate...

Pete's Retiring!
no, no, that's not right either.
Things will be a-changing for Sluggy Freelance in major ways on or about August 25th, 2017, probably!
That's the ticket!

The Sluggy Freelance 20th anniversary, which falls on August 25th, 2017, is both a grand milestone and a perfect opportunity to transform the daily webcomic into something I need it to be.

What the website will be, what Defenders of the Nifty program will be, how everything works will change. But into what I cannot say. I'm keeping my options open. But I am 100% sure it will cease to be a daily webcomic. I'm having a tougher and tougher time keeping on top of that schedule maintaining the quality I want. And as we get near the end I want to do it right! So the story will continue in some format. Also you can look for books to come out quicker as I play catch-up.

August 25th, 2017 is a little over a year and a half away but I wanted to give you guys a head's up as soon as I was sure.

I'm still committed to finish this story as intended for as long as I can make a living doing it.
And I'm moving towards that ending as directly as I know how.

More on this as the 'series finale' draws closer.

Here's a handy link of available books

Megatome 1 (books 1-3)
Born of Nifty

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Megatome 2 (books 4-6)
Little Evils

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Book 7
A Very Big Bang

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Book 8
Fire and Rain

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Book 9
Dangerous Days

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Book 10
Ghosts in the Gastank

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Book 11
The Holiday Wars
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Book 12
Vampires & Demons

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Book 13
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Book 14
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Book 15
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Years of Yarncraft
Comic Book

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