Comic for 04/24/15

Almost was going to save this as emergency filler but it made a nice cap to Part 1. Next week? Bun-bun!

Chapter 67: Full House - Close to the Vest

A Couple of Shout-outs!

Here's a couple of shout-outs! (Re)Generation Who was a total blast for me and my family and we're looking forward to the next one! One of the things I got to do was spend a couple of hours with my daughter Leah watching an official representation of the Rifftrax version of "Dr. Who: Daleks - Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D."! It cracked us up and reminded me to throw those Riffrax guys a link! Like the convention, they are also a family favorite! Be sure to catch them when they do live theater simulcasts, watching with a crowd makes it even better!

Elbow Room vs. Writers Block

So the short of the story is this. Spring Break has killed my week for scripting.
Here’s the long version: Family-family everywhere has killed my week for scripting! There are other things to throw in like the Monday I spent zombified coming down off of the amazing (Re)Generation Who convention and tonight where the Malifaux league that I’m involved in ran hours later than I thought.
So I promise you I wasted no time and tried to get my work done but the few windows of opportunity I had, the scripts weren’t coming. Here I find myself after Midnight with no comic and no script and an unsure plan…. And no focus or energy. I supposed I could have cancelled the Malifaux game but I had already cancelled the last one (elbow room for ealier-in-the-week scripts)and someone volunteered to meet me tonight for a make-up game so I felt kinda locked in. Rightly so.

You guys might remember when I suffered that massive bout of Artist block and Writers block, like, a month ago. This is different. This is the thing I refer to as having ‘elbow room’. I’ve been fighting for ‘elbow room’ all week and it has not been coming. The good news is it means next week should be better. The bad news is me not being sure what to do about today’s comic (April 3rd).

Currently I have two plans:
Plan 1: Wrap this Chapter in one comic and run it sometime late tomorrow (like tomorrow afternoon probably) assuming Good Friday with a full house again gives me the ‘elbow room to script’.
Plan 2: If I determine I need more than one strip to wrap what little I need to wrap in this Chapter I might opt for holiday filler of some kind and hope to get more ‘elbow room’ over the weekend.

In either case it involves me getting some good rest now and seeing what tomorrow brings.

In any case happy holidays and don’t trust rabbits!

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