I'll be at Intervention7 this September!

We STILL seem to have a RANDOM ARCHIVE GLITCH where clicking on the next comic will take you to the next comic page, but oddly display a comic from a totally different date. Hitting Refresh sometimes helps.

Comic for Monday 10/29/07

Comic for 10/29/07

Comic for Tuesday 10/30/07

Comic for 10/30/07

When last we saw Jane...

Comic for Wednesday 10/31/07

Comic for 10/31/07

Comic for Thursday 11/01/07

Comic for 11/01/07

Comic for Friday 11/02/07

Comic for 11/02/07

Comic for Saturday 11/03/07

Comic for 11/03/07

Comic for Sunday 11/04/07

Comic for 11/04/07

This “Sketch Sunday” was me “sketching” (playing) with a wacom tablet. It’s intentionally very dark so I apologize to people who can’t make enough of it out.
Chapter 53: A Time for Healing - Flash Forward Z1