February 2023 Check-In!

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As you guys know (and as explained in the last news story), I've restricted myself to one comic a week until I've caught up with mailing out pawnz and bookmarks to eligible Defenders, and have sent Book 22 (R&D WARS) to the printer. I'm over a year behind on both projects and that is too long!

I've broken the "Pawnz and Bookmarks" situation into five sets. Here's where we stand...
SET1: 2021-11,12, 2022-01 (Edda, Anise, Farahn): In the mail! (ALSO DIGITALLY RELEASED)
SET2: 2022-02,03,04 (Yffi, Chilus, Ozzid): at the printers being printed, should arrive by next week! (ALSO DIGITALLY RELEASED)
SET3: 2022-05,06,07,08 (Olebelle, Basphomy, DemonKiki, Aylee) ready to send to printers after Set 2 arrives without error.
SET4: 2022-09,10,11,12 See below! Still need to finalize bookmarks...

SET 5: 2023-01,02,03,04: Design phase.

As long as SET4 goes out, this goal will be met! (ongoing they'll be sent quarterly, so Set 5 will go out in May and be on time)

The Book 22 situation is a little more free-form. The general layout is all done and has been for a while. I'm done locating and laying out the extra existing content (sketch filler art, corsica files, etc.) although I'll need a day or two for final-final layout review when everything else is done. I need to design the opening pages (title page, "where we last left our heroes" and the like), cover design, and, most tricky, the bonus story content. I've moved forward on all three of these fronts, but its slow-going, just thumbnails and concepts. Once I have the opening pages, cover design, and, at least a script for the bonus content, the timetable should be more safely estimateable.

I'm anxious to get back to more comics each week, and I deeply appreciate your support through this and through all the recent turbulence. I'm lucky and honored to have you guys. We will get there!


    • Sigma_100

      Heck yeah, I'm glad to hear the extra time/space you've given yourself is paying dividends! Looking forward to a return to more frequent comic updates, of course, but I'm so so glad you're slowly un-burying yourself from this piled up work hanging 'round your neck and weighing you down. Really wish I was able to get myself to such a headspace where I could pull off a similar feat for my own work-related albatross.

      • joshuawilhoyte

        Take care of yourself, man

        • Spirantz

          Good progress! You can doooo eeeeet!!!!

          • randomlanguage

            Good luck, Pete! You can do it :⁠-⁠)