Art Auctions and Time RetCon

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Art Auctions:
211204auction-a.pngSluggy Freelance Original Art Auctions are currently running until December 10th, I'll get them out ASAP. I'm planning on doing a bigger auction in January with some of the Anima and more early Immortal King art, FYI!

Time RetCon ("Retroactive Continuity"), AKA "how old are these guys anywho?":
211204news-c.pngTime works weird in the Sluggyverse. To be honest it feels like Torg and Riff were kids-to-teens in the 80's, college-age in the 90's and pretty much have stayed 20-something forever after that (with Zoë being slightly younger and Gwynn will never admit her age anywho). Normally this isn't a problem, but since I established Riff being a kid of the 80's, and also showed him around that age when he spoke of his fathers return after Tombsy's accident, Wilcott's discovery of the books should have been in, maybe 1983, not 1972. I was thrown off by my internal concept of Wilcott being the adventuring archeologist of the 70's. The downside here is there are 70's elements in the art, but since I defined Riffs age to a decade, the easiest solution is just to change the panels in the comic for November 22. "793 Years Later" becomes "804 Years Later", and "Sinkhole Excavation in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius. 1972" becomes "Sinkhole Excavation in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius. 1983". I picked 1983 because that's the year the A-Team started and I pity the fool who didn't have Mr. T on their Trapper Keeper. This slight change shouldn't effect anything else, and I apologize for missing it. 'Immortal King' is requiring a lot of plot-ball juggling! But clearly I'm a writer who loves to juggle. Time to break out the chainsaws!



    • joshuawilhoyte

      I forgive you :)


      • swmartian

        Noted. I will retcon NiftySearch as well.

        I would venture to say that we have seen each of these characters mature, while still maintaining some of their individual immaturities. Given that progression, I would venture to say that they have at least reached their late 20's, if not early 30's. That is, not quite stagnant in time.....

        • Pete

          GUIGUI I agree with that, and that's how I tend to roll. But in this case it caused a contradiction that was strong enough to both bother me and people might think of it as evidence of a nonexistent plot-twist. For most everyone it was probably not even worth mentioning and retconing, but, to me it was.

          • GUIGUI

            The best way to deal with sliding time-line is to not pay attention to it.