August 2021 things are OK!

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A State of the Comic Message: August 2021 is looking to be OK! Well, the comics themselves are OK. But some things are not going to go 'as usual'.

The Comic: The two-comics-a-week is looking steady (although I may skip a week for much needed family vacation), and I'm slightly ahead on scripts for a change (YAYYY!), but as usual for covid, I'm behind on EVERYTHING else.

Everything Else: Normally I reopen the store in August, but I'm just not going to be able to do it until probably October. I also wanted to have Megatome02 back in print by now, still hoping to have it for the October store reopening. And I'm hoping to have Book 22 ready to ship in time for the December holidays. I'm behind on sending out Pawnz & Bookmarks, sending out emails, cleaning up some parts of the site... heck we haven't had an original art auction in over a year (maybe two?).

Hope: Here's my light at the end of the tunnel. September. This September my kids should be back in school and my wife in the office so I'll have my normal seclusion needed for focus. I'm hoping, unless there's some variant triggering a massive lockdown, that I'll be able to get on top of the pile like I haven't done since 2019.

I also was created with a ridiculous amount of hope baked-in, against all evidence to the contrary. Hope, try, possibly fail, rinse&repeat. That's my coat-of-arms. I'm OK with this, been doing 'dumb-hope' for over twenty years! ;)

In Conclusion: So not a lot of fanfare for my August birthday or the comic's anniversary, as in years past, but I'm ready to push myself hard in September, with results in October. The comics themselves are great, and I'm happy with the results so far with the most complicated story I've ever told. Thanks for reading! And you D20+ Defenders ROCK!


    • Pete

      Thanks Guigui! Yes, that is the plan. Unfortunately Megatome 02 has to be reformatted before submitting to IndyPlanet and I have to recreate the first few pages and some page backgrounds. This is not complicated, but it is time consuming. That's why I'm hoping to be able to get it to Indyplanet by September (when I hope to have more time) and have it ready to sell by October, as they have a month turn-around. At that point it'll be available both in the sluggy store and at Indyplanet.

      • GUIGUI

        "I also wanted to have Megatome02 back in print by now"

        I always thought the idea was to sell all the ones you still had in stock and then allow IndyPlanet to sell them once you were out of it (and was assuming the same for the #9 tome, incidentally). Is your intend to keep the megatomes exclusive to your own store, or does Indyplanet lack the means to print books as big as the megatome?

        Oh, and happy birthday!