2020 Comes to a Close

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Winter ZoeWow, what a year! Thank god we are almost through it! We can all agree that 2020 sucked lemons and it's time to move on!

I want to thank everyone for continuing to support me through this difficult year. A lot of small businesses have suffered and floundered and I appreciate that you all stuck with me and allowed me to continue this Sluggy Freelance thing here! Defenders, word-spreaders, Sluggy shoppers, it all helps. So thank you!!!

Being creative was extremely challenging this year to say the least. As much as I loved having my wife and kids home and safe, it made it harder for me to work (I really need an empty house to create). So developing story lines and scripting comics became more of a struggle than ever before. On top of that, I had major computer issues, like my fairly new laptop deciding it did not have a hard drive anymore, thanks 2020. While I tried to use an older computer to accomplish my tasks, it was even more frustrating because it could not do what I needed it to do and I struggled with that too. I appreciate your patience with me. And I *did* succeed in publishing Sluggy Freelance Book 21 and getting so many of them into your hands despite technical issues. It's been a mental struggle too, I think we can all relate to that. I'm hoping to find a better brain in my stocking. Yep, I'm kinda over-visualizing that metaphor too. :)

I wish everyone a super Happy Holidays, belated and otherwise, and a Happy and Healthy New Year! Come on 2021!


    • SniggyG

      I'm currently up to Book 16 chapter 49 and there have been two that I've noticed. One was before I thought about reporting it and I don't remember where it was, the second was Book 9, Chapter 31, 2002-09-29. If I find more where would you like me to report them? I must admit, I'm not much of a forum dweller and don't really know how these things work, but I couldn't work out how to write anything in the forum thread.

      Edit: Found 'nother one. Book 16, Chapter 49, 2006-04-01

      Edit #2: There's also a duff link to a youtube video that no longer exists in the description of Book 17, Chapter 53, 2007-12-12

      • GUIGUI

        There was a thread meant to report website issues, but Captain _20plus who was in charge of it kind of stopped being active.


        Maybe a new thread started with whoever is supposed to be the site admin would be useful?

        • Pete

          I do read these comments, but they tend to be rare so i miss them from time to time. Yes, I'd like to know if any content that is effectively broken, definitely! Thanks!

          • SniggyG

            Pete, do you read these comments? I couldn't find an email address anywhere so I didn't know how else to contact you. I'm rereading through the achives and there are a couple of issues with things that use flash not working. Would you like to be informed of where they are when I come accross them so you replace them or put a note under them or something?