Catching up on Pawnz at the end of 2020!

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Sorry to fall so far behind but I'm finally caught up! The Pawnz and Bookmarks for October and November will be mailed out and digitally released in January! December and January pawnz and bookmarks will hopefully go out in February and I'll be all caught up AT LAST! For October we have Shika "Noogy" Nogeyama in her casual attire seen in these two comics. The next bunch of pawnz will be focused on the upcoming Sluggy Freelance Book 22 to be called "The Research and Development Wars"! We start with Clyde & Blinky in their R&D Wars Crushestro inc. versions! And I can think of no better way to ring in a much-improved 2021 than one of my personal favorites, 'Slaw'Teresa!!!
Upcoming Pawnz