BOOK 21 HAS ARRIVED! The "Mailing of Things" is to resume next week!

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I HAVE BOOK 21 IN HAND! I'm positively thrilled with the nearly 300 page epic Sluggy Freelance book that needs to be in your collection! Huge thanks to the staff at Ka-Blam for taking care of me through some Himalayan-sized bumps in the road!

IMPORTANT: If you are a Defender 20+ level 4 or higher (and been so for three months or more) you're getting a Book 21 sent to you free! We will begin sending these books on Monday September 28th so make sure your mailing address is accurate!
Photo of Book 21


For the next few weeks we will be getting the free copies out to the eligible Defenders. Once that is under control we'll announce a Store Opening date. Probably early to mid October. And a short time after that we'll make it available at Indy Planet.

Also I'll be sending out the Pawnz and Bookmarks I've owed some of you Defenders since February. If you're getting a free book too, I'll just throw the bookmarks and pawz-postcards in the same envelope. If for any reason you've 'opted out' of mailed swag in the past, you'll STILL receive the book. AND IN ALL CASES THANKS SO MUCH FOR BEING A DEFENDER 20+!

August and September Pawnz will be sent in October.
August Pawnz
September Pawnz
International Mailings: If you're outside the United Sates I'm not sure how dependable international mail is moving at the moment. It might be fine, but I need to do some legwork first. I may email you directly if I suspect an issue or to give you a tracking number. I do not want to send you things that never reach you. Because logic. ;)


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            • Pete

              blackmage: Oops! December 2020! It's there now!

              guigui: Time permitting!

              • blackmage21484

                Is the December 2021 timeline on Indyplanet getting book 21 correct or is it supposed to be December 2020?

                • GUIGUI

                  When you'll update the Archive to add book 21 in it, do you intend to update the back of the cover of Book ∞, so that it reflect the new state of the unpublished chapter?

                  • joshuawilhoyte

                    This is why I'm a 4.  I never have to remember to order a new one.