The Light Switch!

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I hadn’t been sleeping for a couple of weeks. Maybe 3-5 hours a night? And my usual power-naps that I could always rely on for a nice hour midday had just stopped working. Then, as inexplicably as it started, it stopped. My naps worked, I got 8 hours some nights, and I was like, “Wow, THIS is what it’s like to not be exhausted all the time! I remember this!”

The thing was, I didn’t realize during it how exhausted I was. I was functioning at 40% thinking I was at 80%. Now, it’s like a light-switch flipped on. My reality is completely one thing. Oh, now my reality is completely another thing.

So (as blog-post reading defenders already know) I’m normally not able to write in a house full of people. I used to have an empty house half the day and ability to go off to a hotel in writing emergency situations. No more of that. I’d been coasting on Anima scripts I had done in 2019. Chapter 73 was a blank sheet of paper, and try-after-try I couldn’t fill it. I knew what I wanted to do with Chapter 73, but it was ambitious and required focus I could NOT achieves. I was seriously concerned there’d be no knew scripts, and thus no new comics at all in June.

So my family worked with me to create the best environment possible for me to avoid distractions and interruptions and gain focus. No guarantee it would work, but our best shot. And then after 48 hours the light flipped on. I went from a reality where Chapter 73 was a blank sheet of paper to I GOT SCRIPTS! Not just any scripts, ones for that ambitious story I wanted to tell!

The blank sheet is no longer blank. The road map is drawn from start of journey to destination. I WILL have to work out some kinks along the way. Like, if I have writers block or script issues and delays, it’s in hammering out the specifics, which is still hard to do in a house full of people. BUT I HAVE THE GENERAL PLAN ROCK-SOLID! I love that light switch in the on position. Chapter 73, The Immortal King, begins Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020. 6/2 UPDATE: Due to unforeseen delays Chapter 73, The Immortal King, begins Friday, June 5th, 2020.


    • blainethemono

      A long time ago, in a Unified Resource Locator, (URL for short, Web site for Lay Folks), far, far, away, called Bartcop, I read my 1st Sluggy comic strip.......  Pete was crucifying Dr Laura and her Son. I laughed and I loved it, for I hated pompous hypocrites. Ive been following him ever since.... I was able to email Pete directly back then, to Thank him for the Comic Strip....  I have tried for 10 mins tonight trying 2 find that email link just say THANKS once again for the new strip and still being here. ....




      R.I.P. BartCop,

      This shot is for You..

      Chinaco Anejo - Gods Nectar

      • richardflyr

        Take your time Pete, we'll still be here! Take care of what you need to take care of.

        • MomGoth

          If you need to take some time OFF to relax and recharge your batteries, I'm okay with that. Maybe you can pull a Bill Keane. Remember The Family Circus? Is that still even A Thing? He would do something like claim that Bill Keane was on vacation, so Billy (or another one of the kids) would do his strip for him, and then it would just be stick figures or something. But maybe you've done that before. SO DO IT AGAIN. Let Kiki and Bun-Bun take turns doing your strips until you feel better. At any rate, be kind to yourself. You're precious. (Yech! Mushy stuff!)

          • gracesonnet

            Sigma said everything I wanted to say so extra <3 to everyone right now!

            • Sigma_100

              I know that feeling.  Hell, I've staked my entire professional career on betting that the light switch flips on when it needs to, usually at the 11th hour after much fretting, panicking, and generally failing to maintain focus and motivation.


              Glad to hear your switch got flipped, but more importantly by far I'm glad to hear you're doing okay.  It's extra tough out there these days for folks suffering from anxiety, depression, and similar issues.  I've taken solace in knowing that a lot of us are all in the same boat -- through this knowledge we can still suffer together even as we remain apart, and there is comfort in the knowing.


              Stay safe and healthy!