February 9th Update

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I moved this headline down here for now. Flu sucks.

2/9/20 UPDATE:
We'll have a comic Tuesday this week. I hope to have a second comic this week, but I'm still wrestling with scripts, and I need every damn duck in a row before I can 'do stuff'. Like my official writers lingo? I do! And I'm finally catching up on Pawnz and Bookmarks!

Referee ZoeLevel 2 and Higher Defenders: Bookmarks and Pawnz of the Month Update:

  • October (4U City Green) & November (4U City Blue) Bookmarks and Pawnz have been released digitally and are in the mail!
  • December (4U City Red) & January (4U Harbinger) Bookmarks and Pawnz will go out early March (only a little late!)
  • February 2020 Pawnz Announced: Referee Zoë!
  • March 2020 Pawnz Announced: Mime Riff! (Not sure if I can include his Anima yet, might bump this one)
  • April 2020 Pawnz Announced: NOM Bun-bun!

I'll let you guys see the Pawnz and Bookmarks as I finish creating them. FOR NOW scripts come first!!!