Sluggy Store is Closed for the Holidays

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Hey guys! The store is closed for the holiday! Thanks for the exhausting outpouring of orders, and it was a joy to send all the free book 20's out to the level-4-and-higher Defenders. As you may remember I have Book 21 pretty much laid out. I look to early 2020 to create the bonus content (the 4u City Amber story), and when that is under control i should be able to let you know when the store will reopen. Until then, I hope you have a safe and happy holiday season and be nifty to each other.


    • Pete

      Thanks so much!!

      • randomlanguage

        Thank you for creating the books and sharing the story with us again! Reading 4U Green and Blue in paper is a different experience, like reading it fresh again! Happy holiday season to you as well!