The Sluggy Store will open Monday at noon, Eastern Time!

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The Sluggy Store will open Monday at noon, Eastern Time! Here's what you need to know. The store will carry the usual beanie Bun-buns (which have NEVER stopped being awesome), an eclectic size-selection of shirts, AND ALL OF THE SLUGGY BOOKS!

SOLD OUT (as of 8pm 12/4) BUT AT INDYPLANET SOON: SLUGGY FREELANCE BOOK 20 "4U GREEN - 4U BLUE": At a whopping 272 pages, this is the largest Sluggy Freelance book ever! (Megatomes count as multiple books).
MEGATOME 2 "LITTLE EVILS": Still sold out. But I'm offering some "Scratch and Dent" versions. Readable, but cover-damaged, and much cheaper than the upcoming re-release of "Little Evils".
We'll have the usual Megatome 1 "Born of Nifty", and Book 9 "Dangerous Days".  On top of that we'll also have a very limited supply of books 8-7, and 10-19.

You may miss out if you don't order ASAP!
The store opens Monday, December 2nd. The International Deadline, if you want your Sluggy stuff by Christmas, is Thursday, December 5th. Not much time. Also limited supplies mean, even though the Domestic deadline is much later than Thursday, books may become sold out quickly. Even Book 20. No matter where you live, if it's important to you, please order ASAP!