Book 20, the Store and YOU!

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BOOK 20:
Sluggy Freelance Book 20, "4U Green - 4U Blue" is off to the printers as we speak! It comes in at a whopping 272 pages, and the 14 page bonus story happens at the end of the book, between "4U City Blue" and "4U City Red", entitled oddly enough, "4U City Indigo".

4u City Indigo

It is pretty cool, and connects to the upcoming bonus story in Book 21 entitled "4U City Amber!" I somehow sense a theme. But I digress.

As soon as I get the printed books in my hands I'll start putting together signed copies for Defenders who meet the requirements to get a free book sent to them (which I believe is maintaining a Defenders membership for 4 months at tier 4 or higher). The rest of the books will go in the store, and the store will open.

The Sluggy Store will finally reopen when I have Book 20s ready to sell. I also got a small quantity of all the books from Ka-Blam (Books 7-8, and 10-19). I get the feeling these might go fast so please order as soon as the store opens!

When will the store open? I will give you as much of a head's up as I can when I'm going to open the store. I might not have books in my hand until the end of November! Worst case I think will be December 2nd. Important thing to note here is the international orders cut off day (Priority Mail International, Arriving by Christmas) is Dec 7th! that means I'll need all international orders in by December 5th. That's less than a week from the end of November, so PLEASE order ASAP when the store opens! Hey, if I didn't cut every deadline so close you'd wonder who I was and what I did with the REAL Pete!

I'll reiterate: I will give you guys as much of a head's up as I can on the store opening date!

A note on signed books: I've been mentioning for years now that I am discontinuing the option for signed books. After careful consideration I've decided to allow it for Megatomes 01 and 02. I hope that I'm not letting too many of you down. Signed books are available as an upper tier Defenders reward, and believe me you Defenders have more than earned it! You guys saved the comic! 'Defended', ya might say!

I have not yet reordered Megatome 02, so the only store options for now will be Hardcover Megatome 02s and maybe some 'ding-n-dent' softcover ones if I can dig some up! Hopefully I'll have a shiny new Megatome 02 in the next few months!  And maybe a Book 21 since it's mostly done now! We'll see how it goes!

It's been a looooong time since my last original art auction. This is the only one I'll be running in all of 2019 so I'm making it an extensive one. It'll start November 18th.

And that's what I've got for Books, Store, and Auctions.