State of the 2019 August Sluggy!

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Hey all! It's August and, as usual in August, I'm behind on EVERYTHING! It's always a busy month and you'd think I wouldn't be caught off guard EVERY TIME but here I am again. THIS time, instead of stressing, I'm just going to keep truckin' and persevere, as long as it takes. I'm behind on PAWNZ and STORE and BOOKS! Let's tackle them.

Behind on Pawnz: As per last news story, the Drake and Tyler Pawnz and Bookmarks should be in the mail to qualifying Defenders. These will go out in September, or  maybe even October, to allow me to focus on the books. We've been doing the new system for almost two years now. I know you know I'll get you your stuff even if it takes a bit. Having said that, here's the pawnz for August and September! I'm going for a summer theme. Crushestro and Monicruel, trapped on Shankraft island, holding on to summer like we all wish we could.

August and September Pawnz

Behind on Store: As you may have noticed the Sluggy store is closed more often than it is not. It's become a drag on my schedule so i tend to open it when i have elbow room in general, or when I've something new to show, like the books I'm currently working on. I truly apologize for this, it WILL open again, probably when there's a Sluggy Freelance Book 20 to sell! Maybe a Book 21 too!

Behind on Books: The books are laid out (Book 20 completely, book 21 mostly) but I'm stuck on the bonus story extra content for each book. I LOVE providing a lite extra story set in the time frame of that Sluggy book. It's important to me, and I think it's important to you. Here's another reason for delays. Sluggy books used to be around 128 pages. The last awesome compilation, Book 19, was 200 pages. Between books 20 and 21 I've laid out, combined, over 500 pages!!! And thats pre-extras! Pre bonus stories! This is where I finally make leaps ahead and start catching up my decade behind on books.

And for the record, 4U City is one of my proudest literary achievement. The Minion Master bits were superb, and the Safe house hamster-nom parts were a blast to compose. But 4U City is beyond compare. Sluggy Freelance Book 20 and Book 21. Over 500 pages. Stay Tuned!