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    bk22 promoAnother anniversary? It feels like the 25th anniversary was two minutes ago! Possibly in real time for the characters! Admittedly 'Immortal King' is probably the longest story* I have ever done, and the less-comic-output for the majority of this year has made it feel like a much shorter year.

    *I say "probably the longest story"  because I can't remember crap and I'm too busy to check! Yay old age!

    Anywho, I finally have Book 22 in my hands from the printer and its perfect! It will still be a month or two before you can order one. I need to get some of these doodled in and sent off to the highest tier Defenders of the Nifty, and I want to get some more books in inventory before I reopen the store for the 2023 holiday season. So look for that to happen soonish. And on to book 23, Mohkadun. That should be a big one!

    Oh, and big thanks to Reactions Mod Zillatain for creating youtube videos to replace the old flash animations that we had to drop when flash was no longer supported! They're in the archives right now! THANKS ZILLATAIN! 5th Anny | Torg Potter (1) (2) (3) (4)
    youtube promo

    That's about it for now! "Onward and sideways!" :)  thanks for sticking with me all these years! And Defenders? Blog post!

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