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  • [] Retcon Time!

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    So I missed some parts of continuity in the last strip or three. It happens, especially Immortal King: Roomies & Roomies 2, that covers… all of my 20+ years of archives…, and it gets under my skin when it does. So I have a personal need to do a fair bit of retconning (retroactive continuity) in the last few strips, even though it has no bearing on the main thrust of the story.

    This will effectively be a couple of rows attached to existing strips as well as some alterations. No additional strips. I’ll let you all know when they’re live. My schedule is strangle-tight so to do this I’m going to postpone the original art auctions by two weeks, as well as taking longer to catch up with Pawnz and Bookmarks.

    I’m determined to keep the story moving forward now that we’re finally out of the ‘Farahn & Bug Show’ so my priority is to have no slowdown in new comic output.

    Onward and Sideways!

    UPDATE 3/22/22: Retconning DONE! Adjustments and extra content for comics of February 16th, February 23rd, March 2nd, and March 4th. Not required reading but represents missed connection points between the current story and comics of the past!

  • [] What I did in February

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    What did I do in February? Why I almost got on top of the pile!!!

    AUCTIONS (Updated 3/8): The big "catch-up" original art auction will start March 25th with an Anima Set, followed by an Immortal King set March 31st. Then we should be back to normal auctions, a couple a year.

    PAWNZ POSTCARD AND BOOKMARKS: Worked out things with the printer and now have all needed printed Pawnz and Bookmarks in my possession! I hope to start shipping them out soon, but don't have a date yet. I hope to have new Pawnz and Bookmarks announced by the end of next week!

    "Roomies Part 2" should wrap next week, followed by one more slight detour before we get back to the gang and everything coming together.

    MEGATOME 02 REPRINT: Ready to go!
    It has the same content of the old Megatome 02, but with a matching spine to the other books and has been reformatted to be handled by my book printer Ka-Blam Printing. I hope to contact them soon to see about a turn-around time.

    SLUGGY FREELANCE BOOK 22 (R&D WARS): Mostly laid out!
    All comics and sketch art is in! The real difficulties lie in the bonus story (and sometimes the cover) so its still a while before it can go to press, but overcoming the initial layout is a big win for me.

    All in all, taking February to book-focus (and other things too) has worked out really well. Thanks to you guys for your patience!


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