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Comic for Monday 07/25/16

Comic for 07/25/16

Comic for Tuesday 07/26/16

Comic for 07/26/16

Comic for Wednesday 07/27/16

Comic for 07/27/16

Ref: Mr. Needles (First Mentioned).
Mook: First Seen | Last Seen.
Smokey: First Seen | Last Seen.
Nifty News Fifty Report on Nasa:  (1) (2) (3).

Comic for Thursday 07/28/16

Comic for 07/28/16

Are Peirce and Lance brothers? Are they related to Lupae Indahed? is "Indahed" a common last name in the Sluggyverse? I'm thinking the later.
ALSO some ref links for the person in the last panel tomorrow!

Comic for Friday 07/29/16

Comic for 07/29/16

Oasis Ref: It's complicated. First seen.
Last seen conscious (bROKEN). Last seen alive (in Hereti-Corp Custody). Last seen dead (by the Strawman's hand). News of 'Oasis resurfacing'.
We also saw an alternate version of Oasis in 4U City, going by the name Harbinger.
Harbinger: First Seen. Last seen alive. Last seen dead (bottom of panel 2).
Hope I didn't miss anything! Is Harbinger important to this story? Probably not. But she's COOL!