Comic for Monday 05/19/14

Comic for 05/19/14

Ref: Tempest having the ability to deposit Bun-bun anywhere in the timeline...
Sluggy Freelance: And there you go. BUT if you want to know more and you're a Defender, I'm planning to do a "Sluggy Freelance: Full Disclosure" blog post about the true origination of the name with all the gory details, right around when the site updates for Tuesday’s (May 20th) comic.

Comic for Tuesday 05/20/14

Comic for 05/20/14

 ASAHN LIVES! (and was released from Dunuloa's dress. Panel 3. And got to keep the huge arm.)

And at this point we still have no confirmation as to why the god of Power wants the god of Joy dead.

Comic for Wednesday 05/21/14

Comic for 05/21/14

Comic for Thursday 05/22/14

Comic for 05/22/14

Ref: The Squish.

Comic for Friday 05/23/14

Comic for 05/23/14

Ref: Timeline/Joke | Scroll | Soco | Kron.