Comic for Monday 09/05/11

Comic for 09/05/11Comic for 09/05/11

Ref: Oasis murdered Riff's ex-girlfriend Monica.

Comic for Tuesday 09/06/11

Comic for 09/06/11

Comic for Wednesday 09/07/11

Comic for 09/07/11

Ref: Vampire Queen | Demon Crush | the Storm Breaker.
 BTW today's comic was supposed to have one more panel but I really poorly planned out my time and wouldn't have it ready in time. You'll understand when you see the first panel of tomorrow's comic!

Comic for Thursday 09/08/11

Comic for 09/08/11

Ref: 758449 | 4U City Green| 4U City Blue| 4U City Red.
See also: Bun-bun's (and Riff's) tale | Torg's tale.
 BTW today's comic is the ONE panel that I was supposed to finish yesterday's comic with. And I barely finished it in time. Almost two full days on this one. Clearly I have time-estimation issues.

Comic for Friday 09/09/11

Comic for 09/09/11

Comic for Saturday 09/10/11

Comic for 09/10/11

Comic for Sunday 09/11/11

Comic for 09/11/11