Getting a better handle on the forums: As part of the 20+ site prep, we've been doing some way overdue improvements and maintenance to the forums. Today, the dev team put in some new anti-spambot measures, added strikethrough and spoiler code to posts, and created a support thread for bug reporting. Most importantly, we removed the "when were you born" question from the forums sign-up process. Anybody who was not able to log in (because you could not prove you were at least 13) should now be able to re-send their confirmation email and activate their account at This will be the only username and login you need for the new website, and the forums will stay essentially the same as they are.

And the link to the support thread is

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Comic for 07/06/09

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Comic for 07/12/09

This crappy sketch art has nothing to do with the current story. Let me explain. “Oh Noes!” OK I screwed up. I didn’t get back to the guys of of Chain Bear in enough time to secure tonight’s art. Luckily I had filler art from the ‘Sometime in the Recent Past’ Week(s) story that I didn’t run. Some of you might remember that the Sunday of the first week arrived three hours late. I was so far behind I was going to run this sketch and suggest I’d do double duty later. (Doesn’t that take some of you old school Sluggites back? “Sunday on Monday and Two for Tuesday Catch-up?”) But I realized I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t run filler during filler. That would be like reinforcements calling in reinforcements. That's just silly. So anywho here you are!