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Comic for Monday 05/23/16

Comic for 05/23/16

Comic for Wednesday 05/25/16

Comic for 05/25/16

Comic for Thursday 05/26/16

Comic for 05/26/16

So I put Aylee in a Sia wig because it made my wife laugh (and it covers her face). I'm not sure exactly how much of my audience can readily identify a Sia wig (maybe a lot? maybe a few?) but now I'm disturbed by how much Aylee looks like Agent N'aaaw. Thus Sia looks like Agent N'aaaw. I'm gonna have to think on that...

balthazar, I totally gave Gwynn rhinestone "beauty marks".

Comic for Friday 05/27/16

Comic for 05/27/16

This is entirely accurately how you play craps! Except on Tuesdays. And non-Tuesday days.

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Chapter 69: Six Months Later... - The Crappers