An unsigned edition of Book 16 is now available from IndyPlanet. Check the Sluggy Store for details! Original art auctions start today (Tuesday)!

HollyHolly Here are the best ways to support the comic this holiday season!
"SLUGGY FREELANCE BOOK 16 PHOENIX RISING" IS HERE!!! And here is the current calendar as it stands:
Dec 5: Book 16 will also be available from IndyPlanet starting Monday December 5th!
Dec 6: I will start a very limited Sluggy Freelance Art Auction December 6th!
Dec 9: The Cut-off date for International orders will be December 9th!
HollyHollyDec 16: The Cut-off date for U.S. orders will be December 16th!
Dec 22: Everything shipped. We rest!

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