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Comic for Monday 07/18/16

Comic for 07/18/16

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Hereti-Corp now controls Grab-All, and a Grab-All account is used for Pokemon Go, in this world at least! ;)

Full disclosure: I’m a happy Pokemon Go player and, although tempted, have yet to run in to traffic. In Pokemon and all things, enjoy what you like; assess the risks, play responsibly.

Comic for Tuesday 07/19/16

Comic for 07/19/16

Comic for Wednesday 07/20/16

Comic for 07/20/16

Ref: The Road Trip | Radiation : Zorg.

Comic for Thursday 07/21/16

Comic for 07/21/16

Comic for Friday 07/22/16

Comic for 07/22/16

Chapter 69: Six Months Later... - The Road Nerds