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Comic for 08/25/12


***Fifteen Years of Sluggy Freelance!***

Wow! Fifteen years and still going strong! I can hardly believe it, yet here we are! For the 5th anniversary I did a cool flash animated comic to welcome the return of Zoë as a regular member of the strip, back when Flash was new-ish! For the 10th anniversary I tried to put together a collective celebration of Sluggy Freelance (and in classic ‘me-style’ never got the durn thing done).
So on this 15th anniversary I must admit I’ve been stumped on what to do. No time for flash animations or to put together a collective celebration for you. And the tone of the recent strips sure aren’t “Zoë’s Triumphant Return!” More like “Sasha, how could you?”

So we’ve got the basic standard animated strip, but with color and heart. Thanks to my wife Rachel for coming up with the idea of having Kiki sing “Fifty” instead of “Fifteen” which made me think of how slipups get exaggerated and can totally burn your career in the Olympics …  and there you go.

Whereas accolades are nice, in the end I’ve always let the comics’ quality speak for itself. It seems like it is the only thing in my business that I get right. So I’m not going to go for fanfare* this year.  Just the knowledge that here I am, a decade and a half from where Torg and the gang started, still standing proud, and still feeling very, very lucky to be doing this for a living, and feeling very grateful to you all for allowing me to do so, and still enjoying run-on sentences. Thanks to you all!

*And for the record, if I had time in my schedule I would TOTALLY go for fanfare!