Disney Award Winning Artist* Leah Abrams to join me at Intervention-5 this weekend!
(INTERVENTION-5, from the producers of [RE]GENERATION WHO)

*What? We were totally at the Disney Art of Animation Resort and she totally won an official Disney Award for sketch artist of the day!
Details in the news on the main page!

We STILL seem to have a RANDOM ARCHIVE GLITCH where clicking on the next comic will take you to the next comic page, but oddly display a comic from a totally different date. Hitting Refresh sometimes helps. We're working on it!

Comic for 10/11/09Comic for 10/11/09

The Proof, Written by T Campbell, illustrated by John Waltrip.
Story cover art by Erica Henderson! Erica and T also work with Phil Kahn at Guilded Age!
Great week guys! (and since I've been asked, I dub this week Semi-Canon! (and wish to see a part 2!))

Chapter 60: Paradise - *The Proof*