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Nickelodeon Yanks Legend Of Korra Off TV, Shoves It Online
Y'know just today my whole family sat back to enjoy the last few episodes of Legend of Korra on our Tivo and EVERY time commercials showed up I repeated out-loud 'thank god my kids don't watch the other Nickelodeon shows' because everything looked like such ridiculous devoid-of-quality crap. Hearing Disney Channel blaring on the tvs in my house bugs me a lot, but compared to most Nickelodeon shows, they are AMC (wait, does Disney own AMC yet? I need to do some Walking Dead pin swapping!). I digress.

Legend of Korra, Nickelodeon was beneath you anyway.

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Comic for 01/02/09

OK, so I thought I had these two weeks taken care of, content-wise. I traveled a lot this holiday season and made sure I would be home for a few days before the 1st so I could rustle up some content for the last three days of my vacation. What I didn’t count on was being so wiped out. I’ve barely emailed or called anybody since I got home, so I haven’t arranged any guests for the last three days. *Shrug* so I guess you’ll all have to put up with some quick doodles from yours truly! See ya on the 5th!
Chapter 59: bROKEN - *Winter Holiday 2008 (and some 09) Random Extravaganza!*