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Books and Bookmarks 2019

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HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! Remember, understand, appreciate, then have a burger.

Here's the next round of Sluggy Freelance Defenders20+ Exclusive Pawnz and Bookmarks of the Month(s)! This is a 'Personal Favorites' collection because I've always loved the concept of Zomblebees (Not enough zombie-themed restaurants in my life), and Drake and Tyler's story arc was a joy to write!  Reminder: I'm distributing them digitally and physically bi-monthly so April (bROKEN oasis from last news story) and May collectibles will go out mid-June. June and July collectibles will go out mid-August. NIFTY!



BOOK 20 AND 21 ARE BEING CREATED IN TANDEM! They should both be bigger than previous non-megatome books and encompass all of the Minion Master and 4U City chapters. What always slows down book production is the all-important (to me at least) bonus content. So I'm not sure if I'll get one out for the August anniversary and the other for Christmas, but I'm assuming even with my slow record I'll get one of these epics out. But how amazing if I could get both out? I'd FINALLY be catching up with the old books by strides! SO NIFTY!
Anywho the rest of the year Defenders Pawnz and Bookmarks will involve 4U City for sure. I'm eyeballing this art as is for three of the bookmarks!
Upcoming 4U City Bookmarks
Damn! Not bad!