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Some Closing 2018 Thoughts

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Theres a happy Kiki!

The new Defenders20+ system has literally saved Sluggy Freelance, and I know what literally means. Almost a year and a half ago, I was going to retire because I couldn’t keep up with the stress and workload. My site had become stagnant and I lacked the capability to make the most mundane changes. I simply couldn’t do things the way I had been doing them anymore, period. The end.

The D20+ system changed everything! I know it may have been a hard transition for you all going from a new strip every day (even if many of them were rushed, filler or vacation weeks) to around 12 solid strips a month, but it’s made such a positive difference in my life.

When tragedy struck my family I was able to travel where I needed to be at a moment’s notice and stay as long as was required WITHOUT the stressful unforgiving relentless drive that had me doing daily comics for twenty years. Peace to grieve. Peace to connect. That is some rock-solid benefits the new system has made for me and my family.


Here’s where I'll spend a moment to keep this free comic safe, because we honestly need new Defenders to have this continue working. If you’ve been reading this strip for a few years and haven’t supported much in the past, would you consider becoming a Defender 20+?

50 cents a strip, 12 strips max a month, $6 a month! The price of one fast-food lunch for a MONTH of comics! JOIN NOW and KEEP SLUGGY STRONG THROUGH 2019 AND BEYOND! Just consider it for a moment and you get a thumbs-up from me for time well spent.

The End of Hereti-Corp is rather significant to me and worth sharing. As “The Heavens and the Earth” chapter draw to a close it marks a significant moment in Sluggy Freelance history. I know I’ve mentioned this in convention-talks, not sure if I posted it here, but just about every story and event in the history of the comic has fallen along one of two roads. The end of the current chapter marks the “end of the line” for one of those roads. Thanks for taking the journey past this milestone with me! I look forward to the next story being a little smaller in scope! I bet you do too. That was a long day! Might be one for the record books if there is such a webcomics thing!

Have a great holiday season and enjoy ringing in the new year with loved ones, I know I will! And I’ll see you all in January. One last thing. Be kind to each other. This is not a catch-phrase. “Kindness” is a great meaningful word. We tend to judge others by a spectrum of criteria that don’t matter as much as whether something or someone is coming from a place of kindness or cruelty. Be that kind person, and look for the kindness in others. You’ll see, it’s be like being fluxed to a better world. CHEERS!