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The Pawnz and Bookmark for September is centered around Ghost Val from this comic! I wanted something Haloween-ish leading into October!

Ghost Val

Sorry for the lateness of the September Pawnz/Bookmark Announcement. If you've been paying attention to my overlong "TL;DR" headlines you probably know how much work and personal issues I've been drowning under. But here's where I play catch up, and get to show you something I think is really cool! The upcoming Pawnz of the Month for October and November: "The Beer Every Year Riff" and the "Beer Every Year Torg!" Its a Sluggy tradition that can be yours in PAWNZ FORM! THIS IS SUPER NIFTY!!!!

Beer every Year Pawnz

Just be a Defender 20+ Level 2 "Faithful Ferret" (or any higher level) by October 12th, and stay at that level until December 1st and you will receive both Pawnz in your digital collection!

Be a Defender 20+ Level 3 "Super Sulggite" (or any higher level) by October 12th, and stay at that level until December 1st and you will ALSO get physical postcard versions for you to cut up and assemble and put under the tree or by the candles or wherever would bring you joy! I'll send them to you for free wherever you live! One of the reasons I chose October and November for these guys was so I could mail them out to you early December so you could have them in your hands in time, postal carriers willing!

New Bookmarks of POWER!

And don't forget the bookmarks!  If you're eligible for the digital pawnz you'll also get these two digital bookmarks to note your favorite strips in the archive! One is the perfect bookmark for your favorite Sluggy Freelance Holiday Memory! The other, inspired by Joe Sunday's alternate beer label, is perfect for a strip too hot to handle! If you're eligible for the postcard version you'll also receive these as actual bookmarks to put in actual books!

These are what the bookmarks and postcards look like, FYI! These are the ones from June and August and they're all enveloped up and ready to send! I need A LOT of stamps! ;)

Physical Pawnz and Bookmarks

As always thank you guys so much for your support. I didn't think I'd still be doing Sluggy Freelance as a webcomic past the 20th anniversary. You saved Sluggy Freelance, Defender20+! You! Thanks!