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8/13/18 I'M BACK!

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--------I'VE MADE A-------

8/17/18: THERE WILL BE SIX COMICS IN A ROW FROM AUGUST 20TH-25TH!!! (and I'm planning the next comic would be the 28th.) Why on earth would I overload my comics-creation schedule when I'm behind on mailings and orders and want to do a book release and auctions and am feeling overwhelmed? I had a scripting breakthrough! And I needed to know where the animated anniversary strip would land. And I need to get through that many strips to make my target.

This may (probably will) mean delays in the Book 18 release and all other things, but I'm going to push myself old-school style and focus on the comics. This is the right choice despite delays it might cause. We're Old School Sluggy Stylin' Baby!!!!

----------------------------------Now back to the news as written on 8/13-----------

8/13/18 I'M BACK!
Hey everybody! Sorry for the obnoxiously large headline, I'll move this to the news section soon. Many things to cover!

THANKS TO LEAH FOR FILLING IN FOR ME! We just spent a week in Orlando checking out the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Pretty damn cool! And Potterverse is coming up this weekend! How much Butterbeer can one man take?

LOGIN ERRORS: We ran into a certificate update error of some kind from sometime Sunday (8/12) to around 4PM Eastern Time Monday (8/13) in which the site lost some functionality and nobody could log in. That's been fixed and everything should be A-OK now!

I HAVE A BOOK 18 IN MY HANDS! It's gorgeous! A bunch are still on the way. As soon as I have them all, the first thing I'll do is get them out the door to the Defenders20+ I owe them to. Then I'll put them out in the store, and then have them available from IndyPlanet. All this by August 25th? I'm going to try!

IMPORTANT DEFENDERS20+ NOTE ON BOOKS:the higher tier Defenders20+ get, at Level 4, every new book mailed to them for free. At Level 5 that book is signed. And at Level 6 (Chaz) they get a custom doodle in their book (I'll email personal requests to you unbelievable Chazzers soon)! It is important to note that you must maintain that level of support for at least 3 months to be eligible. Since the next book, BROKEN, is coming out in November, if you want it sent free or signed, or doodled in, the time to start that level 4, 5, or 6 Defenders Membership is now, (by August 17th) just to be safe! Details on Defenders20+ levels here.

THE STORE WILL REOPEN SOON! Because I'll be adding book 18 and adding a few of the other books into the store I've shut down the store for about a week and a half. That will help give me needed breathing room, at least a little.

WAY BEHIND ON MAIL REWARD PAWNZ AND BOOKMARKS! But I'm hoping to get caught up by the end of next week!

I'M ABUSING MY CAPS-LOCK! But trying not to abuse my brain. Between the Pawnz-mailings, outstanding store orders, Defenders20+ book shipments, an animated strip on the 25th, and running an original art auction that I'm months behind on running, I'm looking to be pretty overwhelmed. I'm going to do my best to manage things but there may be less strips this month because of that. Apologies ahead of time but I will get all the things done!