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Books and Things!

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First: A minor note on mailed Pawnz and Bookmark rewards!
Because of logistics, we've decided to send out what's owed every two months instead of monthly. It in no way changes what you've earned and what you will receive! It just makes things MUCH easier at mail-time!

Stan and Zoe

For example, that means Gunman Stan McKurt and 'That Dress' Zoë will both go out mid-July. And the Pawnz/Bookmark for July is....
Blackcoat Oasis! (The Oasis who originally faced off with Kusari on that rooftop after meeting Sasha at Le Snootier!)

Black Coat Oasis

Next: A Note on Leah's Comic!

Part 1Part 2Part 3

You remember when Leah started doing some Guest Artists comics for me? It was supposed to culminate in a 10-comic (two week) extravaganza finale. She finished the art a looooong time ago. And she finished the colors almost 6 months ago. But with the new system we needed to make sure we could run 'guest artist content' that Defenders20+ would, by default, NOT be billed for. The system is now in place so I'm thinking of running the two weeks of Leah artwork somewhere in mid-late July to early August depending on where certain comics fall. These 'Leah Comics' will not change the amount of comics I intent to do in a month, they are additional bonus joy for you all!

What if you did want some pledge-money to potentially go to Leah? You have options! Go to "https://login.sluggy.com/manage_subscription" to see them.

Changing the type of content you pledge for:If you check the (unchecked by default) box  "I also pledge this amount to Filler and Guest strips" then you'll be pledging for Sluggy Freelance strips, guest strips (like Leah's), and filler art. But you'll still only be billed for the first 12 strips in a given month by default (for example, if I ran, like, 4 Sluggy strips, 6 Leah strips, and 8 more Sluggy strips, you'd be billed for 12 strips only).

Changing how much of that do you pay for:If you also uncheck the box (checked by default) "Bill me for a maximum of 12 pledges a month." you'll be billed each time content of that type comes up. (for example, if you also pledged for Guest Strips, if I ran, like, 4 Sluggy strips, 6 Leah strips, and 8 more Sluggy strips, you'd be billed for all 18 strips).

Currently there are only a handful of Defenders20+ who have done this and that's all OK by me. I love you all! I just wanted to arm you with confusion-free info. You D20+ already rock as you are!

Leah Comics

Sadly I can't run the 'Mission Accomplished' banner because the book is not off to press yet. But it's damn close! I'll have the book ready to sell (and send to D20+'ers levels 4 and up!) by the Sluggy anniversary, which is nice timing.

I had really wanted to accomplish three books this year, and I mean three THICK books, as catching up on the books is one of my dreams that the new system is meant to assist with! But I've had issues wrapping my brain around and achieving balance with the new system. For the longest time I was more concerned about comic output than book output. No more to that. I will cut back on comics as necessary (as I already have) and get those HUGE books done from here on out. Book 18 is around 200 pages!

The next book, Book 19, which will be ready in time for the holidays, will be "BROKEN." This centers on a very important book in the series as you know. I'm going to want to handle it right. I'm starting work on it even as Book 18 wraps. Working ahead! Hey! That's new thing for me! ;) Also look for three big books in 2019, four if I can manage.

Three Upcoming Books!
To finally NOT be a decade behind on books, that is going to feel amazing!