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Back on top of the Pile!

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3/12: HEY EVERYBODY! WE'RE BACK after the storms and Power-outage! And I'm getting on top of that pile! Here's where we are at:

THE STORE: All outstanding orders are out (or being sent out today)! I've also closed the store for a couple of weeks. Getting some elbow room for March Comics, the Archives Project, and the Book 18 Project.

PAWNZ and BOOKMARKS: I'm finally ahead on this Defenders reward front!
The Kusari-Bun-Bun Pawnz and "Kusari revealed?" Bookmarks Distributed! (That means Digital versions distributed to Defenders 20+ levels 2 and higher. The physical rewards for levels 3 or higher are off to the printers. See the Defenders 20+ Membership Page for details.)


Reminder about these monthly exclusives: The only way to get them is to be a Defender 20+ member level 2 or higher during the month. Actually as long as you are pledging by the 12th of a given month, you're in! For example the only way to get the First Appearance Kusari Pawnz and "KUSARI vs. Oasis" Bookmark would be to be a Defender 20+ level 2 or higher by the 12th of March. That's today when I'm posting this. So for this month only, and because I'm so late on the reveal of the March exclusives, I'm extending the deadline and you can get the March Defenders Exclusives if you pledge at level 2 or higher by Saturday this week (the 17th) and stay pledged until the end of the month.

Kusari Pawnz

I am SO intending on doing a matching set to this, Oasis in the black outfit from the restaurant where Oasis and Kusari first squared off. But, alas, there are no Oasis pawnz yet. Or is there?... Check out April's reward!!! FIRST OASIS MODEL!


Another reminder: Level 2 or higher gets all the Pawnz in the store unlocked for free! Unlike the exclusive monthly rewards, you get ALL the store Pawnz ANYTIME you pledge at level 2 or higher. There's not much in the store right now. But there are plans for many more and here's whats arriving in the store in April:


And lastly on the Pawnz and Bookmarks front... in preparation for the upcoming Book 18... here's one of theee stars of that thar book I rekin:

Gunman Stan Pawnz
Gunman Stan may be my favorite Pawnz model to date!

BOOKMARK GOOF: While we're talking about Pawnz and Bookmarks, there's an error I made in the previous news story of my own making. I done-goofed and suggested that everyone should have a Zoë bookmark. Actually no one did! Here's what happened. As a side project for this new way of doing things I get to design cool pawnz and bookmarks each month. They are always done as a set. Pawnz with a corresponding Bookmark. Every time. When we released the Classic Pawnz set to everyone who is logged in, I had created corresponding bookmarks for each classic main character. This many months down the road I assumed we gave those out with the Pawnz because in my mind now they're a hand-in-hand set.

This was NEVER the case. The multiple-bookmarks feature is a Defenders reward and an extremely cool one. These digital Bookmarks can be used to keep track of where you left off with various archive crawls or just a neat way to mark favorites or where you left off. I was surprised to find out that those classic bookmarks were never distributed in any way. So here's what I have decided. All 6 classic Bookmarks have now been unlocked and distributed to all Defenders 20+ Level 2 and higher. And as an apology for my mistake, the Zoë Bookmark has been gifted to all Defenders old and new.

Classic Bookmarks

Defenders, go play with the Bookmarks if you have some and haven't tried them out. I think they are among the niftiest of things!

SOME FIXES: RSS news being not-up-to-date? Fixed. New Comic Notification tick-box? Fixed. We're looking into other things as well. And by "we" I mean the dev team because I'm far too busy forgetting who gets which bookmark!

BOOK 18: One thing the storm did was push the book schedule back half a month. But it's still coming together. Its going to be big, like Book 17 was. And it's going to cover everything leading up to Book 19 bROKEN (wow, that is going to be some book)! And a giant Book 20 (4U City) by Christmas is a probability! I'll be caught up soon at this rate!

THE ARCHIVES: There are still many areas of the archives where comics display the top bits of panels from the previous comic. I really thought I would have cleaned them up by now. The plan was for me to fix everything and then have you guys look for and spot the ones I missed. But I just dropped the ball and started juggling chainsaws instead. When I get on top of the March Comics pile I'll have to make the call on whether to focus on Archives or Book 18. They are both important to me, but I almost feel like the archives have been waiting too long and need pole-position.

That was a lot of info! I hope it covers everything! Now I'm off to do all the comics I can! Thanks again!