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Defenders Reward Pawnz-of-the-Month Catch-up!

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Zoe and Riff

Defenders Level 2+:Sorry for the delay on the December Pawnz (Casual Zoë) but the January one (Vampire Hunter Riff) is on time and both are off to the printers for the Defenders Level 3+ who get physical rewards sent to them!

Classic Zoe BookmarkBecause the Zoë pawn is wearing the same outfit in the image for the standard Zoë Bookmark, I went with a storyline-focused bookmark and chose a personal favorite, Safehouse (The Nom).

I'm trying to plan out the year with Pawnz so I don't get caught falling a month behind like I did for the December Pawnz. I'm thinking the Pawnz for February will be something like... well here's a clue!

Kusari Bun-bun?

This will require a new 3D model and a new fold for the printed version but I'm feeling pretty confident I'll be able to get it done and start showing you upcoming months in advance from here on out! What could go wrong?