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1/22/18 News and Stuff!

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1/22/18 NEWS: I’m behind on everything! In my defense the magnitude of the comics recently has been draining. And there’s so much blood!

Here’s where we’re at on various subjects:

On emails: I’ve had a lot of emails on my plate that I’ve yet to respond to! I’ll try and tackle that in the next 48 hours!

On The Store: The store was supposed to open early January but I’m bumping it to the first Monday in February. I need to get out from under certain piles before opening that demanding pile back up!

On The Pawnz of the Month/Bookmarks of the Month: I’m late sending out December’s pawnz and bookmarks! They were supposed to go out around January 12th and here it is the 22nd. It was also supposed to be a Vampire-Hunter Riff Pawnz but I ran out of time to design it. In fact what I really need is a Pawnz plan for the year and I’m working on it now. Cool new models with new skins, things you’ve never seen! It will be nifty! But yeah, December’s pawnz will be another week or so. You will get what I owe you. I may go past deadline but I will get it done!

Commenting on Recent Comic Events: OK I’ll avoid spoilery language but a lot has been revealed in the strip at the end of 2017 and in 2018! Things that go back almost two decades! I had yet to comment on that but I managed to put together a new Defenders Blog Post on it like just now! For all you non-defenders I’ll just say THANKS SO MUCH! The reactions to the reveals have been almost all positive and uplifting and it’s gratifying for me to hear all my hard work is appreciated! Sorry for taking 20 years to to answer some of those big questions (which, yes, may have led to bigger questions)!

On Art Auctions: It’s been a while but I hope to have art auctions up and running in a week or two! A lot of nice and ‘sluggy-historic’art lately! Keep an eye out for it

On that important thing I’ve totally forgotten: I’m sorry I totally forgot about that I’ll get back on that when I remember!

I’ll wrap up by saying there’s a new Amazon Go Store where you just grab what you want and you get scanned and charged as you walk out. Hmmmmm….