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The Store will Open Noon on Cyber Monday( 11/27) with Book 17!

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GREAT NEWS!!! Book 17 will be ready to sell when the store opens Noon Eastern Time on Cyber Monday, November 27th!
IMPORTANT- Old School Defenders of the Nifty: Remember back in mid-June when some of you pre-ordered some signed-and-doodled-in Defenders editions of Book 17? I'm going to start sending them early next week!

IMPORTANT-New Defenders 20+: If you've been a Defender20+ for three months or more...
    at Level 4 or Higher: YOU GET A BOOK! It will just show up at your door sometime before Christmas USPS-willing!
    at Level 5 or Higher: YOU GET A SIGNED BOOK! It will just show up at your door sometime before Christmas USPS-willing!
    at Level 6 or Higher: YOU GET A SIGNED and DOODLED-IN BOOK! I'll be contacting you via the email you used for your Sluggy Account soon for a request! this is new so give me a few days!
Just please make sure you give me a shipping address or it won't just show up at your door!!!

Technically... since the Defenders 20+ started September 1st, it'll be a little less than three full months from when book 17 releases on Cyber Monday, BUT I DON'T CARE! IF YOU JOINED AND STAYED LEVEL 4 AND UP FROM THE START AND REMAIN ONE YOU 'RE STILL GETTING A BOOK SENT TO YOU!  Because I love you guys! You Defenders20+ saved the comic and are saving my sanity (at least as soon as my workload calms down, opening the store is the last hurdle I think!)
In all of these cases, be it store orders, or Defenders-old-and-new, international shipments get priority but all should have the book in their hands well before Christmas! And that's worth celebrating! At 212 pages, this is the largest non-megatome book I've released! And it's got a sweet bonus-story too!