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The October Report: 10/2/17

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OK there is a lot I need to get done in October. I thought I might give you guys a running list and maybe let you see as I check things off. Will this be a monthly thing now? Probably not, but I expect most months to be easier than this one! Here's my TODO LIST for October (you know, besides the comic and stuff?) in order of importance:

Task By Priority Status (11/01) Notes (Last Checked 11/01)
Sluggy Freelance Book 17
DONE! Book off to printer on time for Christmas!
20 Years of Sluggy Art
100 pieces of art DONE! Art Auction Winners should have their art by 11/3 or 11/4!
Archives- First Pass
98% done (bumped to Nov) Years of Yarncraft (ch57) remains 'unpassed'.(bumped to Nov)
Archives- Second Pass
5% done (bumped to Nov) only certain major stories 'Second Passed' so far (bumped to Nov)
Printed Pawnz/Bookmark of the Month
Ready! We just need to figure out printing the mailing lables... Dark Gwynn Printed Pawnz and Bookmark (September Reward) will be sent out to Defenders level 3 and higher within the next few days! Psyk (October Reward) w will be sent soon after, as we work out the 'System'!

Here's the rundown:
Cover MockupSLUGGY FREELANCE BOOK 17:  I've GOT to get this to the printer BEFORE the end of the month or I won't have it for holiday sales, and for the Defenders of the Nifty who pre-purchased signed editions back in June or July. This is top of the list and may be why there'll be fewer comics in the first half of October.

Super Sluggite Computer20 YEARS OF SLUGGY ART AUCTION WINNERS:  I need a clear day or two to put together the packets for the auction winners (UPDATE: It actually took about 3 days all told to sort, chose and organize! 20 pieces of art per winner, 5 winners, 100 pieces of art sorted by year... DONE!)

ARCHIVES- FIRST PASS:  As I've established, there's a Super Sluggite Computer that alerts me when it thinks it's found a discrepancy between the old small archives and the new gloriously bug archives. I see the problem and fix it. Its a great intuitive system, I just had trouble finding time last month, surprisingly enough! I'm almost done!

ARCHIVES- SECOND PASS: I like to give the archives a slow pondering once-over to look for the comics that the Super Sluggite Computer missed. There's next-to-no problems except for a lot of slight panel bleed-over from the adjacent comics, and some layer effects being dropped. I haven't done this much yet except for particular stories looking for egregious errors like the rare 'dropping of a row'. Stories like bRoken and Mohkadun. thanks to 'bottomless' archive system it should be quick enough to do this with the other stories, one book at a time. Once I'm done with my second pass, I'll be calling on you guys to help me triple check the archives. I'll give you specific instructions and contact info at that time! I'd hate to see the Second Pass drift into November but it's less important than Book 17 getting to the printers or the 20 Years Auction Winners getting their goods!

Dark GwynnPAWNZ AND BOOKMARK OF THE MONTH: All Defenders  who’s been a Defender 20+ at Level 2 or higher for at least half of September will get a digital version of the Dark Gwynn Pawnz and the Dark Gwynn bookmark. Level 3 or higher lands you a printed version sent to you. I had mentioned this before but misspoke, suggesting you had to be a member for the entire month. you only need half!

Lets talk about the Dark Gwynn Pawnz and Bookmark that I have to physically send to Level 3-and-higher Defenders. I need to wait for billing to be completes so I know who gets one. I need a report with the addresses of those eligables (Defenders Level 3+ make sure I have your accurate mailing address in your Defenders Subscription Profile)! Then I send the art off to the printers. Once they get the Pawnz and Bookmarks back to me, I send them out to the eligables (I'm digging the term 'eligibles'. Did I just make that up?). Now how long this takes I don't know, but I get the feeling the September stuff might ship Early November. This is my first time doing this so we'll see how it goes.

So That, plus the regular Sluggy Freelance comic, is October for me! The Book is the biggest of biggies! November will probably be about getting the store open, especially when we know when Book 17 is arriving! Thanks for your patience with everything! Big things await!