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Attention Defenders of the Nifty with active accounts!

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Hey, there seems to have been some confusion with the plan for you
Defenders of the Nifty who still have time on their accounts. MOST
20+ SYSTEM! You'll still have access to the compendium, the comic
my blog, new blog posts! Everything you had before, FOR THE DURATION
OF YOUR ACCOUNT! It might take us a bit to implement this stuff.
This is basically everything you get with a default Defenders 20+ Pledge
Level 1 Diligent Digbot.
You lose nothing.

You're going to need a site-wide login account to access your
ongoing Defenders of the Nifty content.
We converted
sluggy.net forums accounts into site-wide login accounts as part of
the new site launch.
If you had a sluggy.net forums account with the same username or
email address, we're already going to link you up automagically.
If you didn't have a sluggy.net forums account, please register a new
login account with the same email
and we'll match them up as
soon as we can.
If you did have a sluggy.net forums account you want to keep using,
but it didn't match your Defenders of the Nifty account, please
stand by while we come up with a solution.

Any reason to pledge to the new system then?

A couple! One is that as a "Day 1" Defender 20+ you will get the
unlocks of
the new system like the Evil Clothes-Eating Moths Pawnz Set (with
'that's not a wookie costume' Bert), as well as the exclusive
Valerie pawn and bookmark.

As a thanks for being there for Sluggy in the past, all Defenders of
the Nifty, ever (like, if you subscribed in 2005 for a year and
never again) will get a virtual "inflatable coin":

Inflatable Coin

If at any point you pledge while you still have time on your DotN
account, you'll get a different colored inflatable coin for each
month you had left on your annual subscription.

What do inflatable coins do?
Pretty much nothing right now, but they are kind of pretty. These
will go in a special section of the site collectibles that nobody
else has. We'll probably think of something nifty they can do in the
future, but for now, they're just bouncy shiny badges of honor
saying "I supported Sluggy 20-minus, too!"

Just know I will never stop being thankful for you Defenders of the
Nifty who have supported me for all these years, and I deeply
apologize for any confusion.

Extra note for Defenders who, whether currently active or not,
pre-ordered a doodled in Book 17:
In case you were wondering,
because it's been a while, of course you'll get those as soon as
they're printed and doodled in! I'm back to work on Book 17 next
week! And I have elbow room to do it thanks to you guys! (YAY!)