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Welcome to the new Sluggy Site!

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Hey everybody! IT’S THE BIG DAY! Sure, last Friday was the 20th anniversary of Sluggy Freelance but TODAY THE NEW SITE LAUNCHES! I’m very proud to show off the new Sluggy.com and I can’t wait for you to check it out. IT’S AMAZING!

Here’s all you need to know:

Features are still being added to the new site: It’s almost done; but we’re going to finish adding everything and polish it up the next couple of weeks! And there are additional features coming, so if something is missing from the site that the old site had, be patient! And feel free to poke around! And I can’t stress this enough: LOG IN! You must do this to get the full set of nine classic Pawnz. And other stuff like tracking your progress through the new (bigger) archives and placing bookmarks will only work if you’re logged in. The forums login will be your all-access pass to the forums, the store, and all the VERY nifty features of the new site! GO LOOK!

WARNING: The New Archives need some sweeping: Someday I am going to do a post on the magic that needed to happen to make the shiny new archives. And you WILL be amazed! Some serious time, effort, and programmer-magic went into it. But it requires me going in and verifying that the system didn’t drop rows, grab wrong graphics, etc. There can be some weird graphics out there in uncharted territory.

But I will need your help in the near future, you archive-divers out there, to make sure the chapter I have reviewed are good. There will be an easy way for you to flag questionable strips implemented in the next few days.

I’ve been sweeping from both ends, so here’s where I’m at:

Chapters 1-47 (thats books 1-14): Should be good!

Chapters 48-64: Haven’t looked at yet! Uncharted Territory! New Readers AVOID these Chapters, rows of many strips may just be GONE! (It’ll take me maybe a week to clear these up!)

Chapters 65-70 (Mohkadun through today): Should be good!

That’s all I need to tell you but you’re going to find plenty of things on your own! Go look! GO PLAY! But first, LOG IN!